School Catering

School Catering

Catering for Schools

Savills Catering provide a high quality catering service which is crucial in today’s schools and we provide thousands of meals every week for our school contracts. With experience in both Primary and Secondary schools our service provision will improve the value of your school standards and studies have shown that having a nutritious lunch enhances academic achievement during the afternoon.

Savills experience in school catering goes back to the very beginnings of the company, with a number of schools enjoying long lasting relationship with the company. Not only are the pupils we serve enjoying a healthy, diverse range of foods, we also enjoy delivering special celebration days such as at Christmas, on Pancake Day, Jubilee, St Patrick’s and St George’s day. Our catering staff get real satisfaction from their work seeing children excited and enjoying the meals provided. 

Savills services are tailored specifically to the school’s needs. We pride ourselves on fulfilling our promise to cook and serve fresh and healthy meals on-site with the firm belief that our children’s’ eating habits will only be improved by making the alternatives to fast food more appealing and exciting.  This is vital given the often conflicting demands of the children themselves and the parents, committees and governors and we are proud of our successes in encouraging healthier meal choices by the pupils.  Savills work closely with the head teacher, governors, parents and the children to build the catering service they want, backed up by top level back-office and marketing support.

Our long-term vision is to build long lasting relationships with schools in London and Essex to promote healthy, nutritious and affordable meals that will enable pupils to grow up with a better appreciation of good food.

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